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Hi Camarillo, do you need pest control right now? Have some nasty critters staked their claim on your property? Your home and garden is your kingdom. You didn’t slave away in that cubicle for years or pay your dues climbing the ladder at your job – finally able to afford a house in California – only to let some creepy crawlies take over your property. Don’t let the animal kingdom invade your home and garden in a hostile takeover. Cal Termite and Pest Control appreciate your sanctuary, which is why we are prepared to eradicate those annoying pests that want to call your property home. Give us a call right now or you can request an inspection or get a quote through our site.

Household pests such as cockroaches, spiders, ants, snails, slugs, and rodents can be much more than an annoyance – they can affect your health. Our expert pest control services will provide peace of mind when it comes to ensuring your home and property are protected from pests the right way.

We take pride in staying ahead of the curve on pest control solutions, taking a science and technology-based approach to your unique situation. Our highly trained Cal Termite and Pest control technicians work to investigate, defend, reinforce, monitor, report, and check in with you to maintain our standard of quality.

The Bugs and Critters that Annoy Camarillo

Citizens of the 805 spend a lot of time and energy up-keeping their homes and creating beautiful landscaping on their property or growing a wonderful flower and vegetable garden. Some people plant their gardens so that their families can have fresh fruits and vegetable whenever they want. The soil that makes Camarillo so rich for farming is also inviting to many pests.

While we don’t have near the amount or gnarliness of pests that other spots in the US or the world have (we’re looking at you Africa), we have many of the usual suspects that can make life difficult or cause property damage.

Ant Control Done Right

Ants can run but they can’t hide from us!

Carpenter and Argentine ants are small but together they can be a formidable pest. They can exploit the tiniest opening into your home and will go straight for the kitchen and bathrooms. Cal Termite and Pest Control knows to penetrate deep into the nests as well as wiping out the surface infestation. Keeping ants that reside in SoCal away doesn’t happen instantly. It’s a process. Call us or get a quote now to provide trusted solutions that will take care of your ant problem.

We identify the conditions that encourage Argentine and carpenter ants, then we handle the problem on the surface and in the ant nest to help deter future invasions. These critters have no chance against our proven pest control methods, expert knowledge, and science-based pest control technology.

Pest Control for Snails and Slugs

Snails and slugs can wreak havoc on your garden. These critters have thousands of tiny teeth that slowly rip plants to shreds. Cal termite is the pest control company in Camarillo that can help you protect these vital areas of your property. They will make their home throughout your property and your garden and the professionals at Cal Termite can help you get this problem under control.

Moisture is key for them to survive and the places they live in are going to be under plant leaves and other wet areas like logs, stones, leaf litter, and planters. They come out at night to feed in order to stay out of the sunlight because the sunlight is going to dry up the moisture they need. They feed on the soft leaves of plants. Violets, strawberries, and lettuce are some of their favorite plants. They are even able to devour entire saplings.

Like with the extermination of most pests, it is a multifold process that will involve the help of a professional pest control company in Camarillo, like Cal Termite and Pest Control. Our expert professionals will set up a plan to keep them out of these beautiful areas that you have created on your property. We have the expertise that is necessary to administer the right kind of traps and insecticides that are going to attract and kill the snails and slugs without hurting the vegetation near it.

It will also require the homeowner to maintain the areas in a particular way as to limit the areas that they have to live. They are simple steps like moving wood piles away from the home, clearing away the leaf litter, and checking under the pots and stones in the garden areas. Cal Termite will help to get rid of this pest problem so that managing this snails and slugs will be much easier. Cal Termite professionals will also give you the knowledge you need so that you are aware of the things that you need to watch out for in order to prevent them from coming back.

The landscaping that people do is important to them and their property. It is part of the reason why people enjoy sitting in their backyard and, for some, it is a hobby that they love to do. No one wants to have the things that they have worked hard to have to be destroyed by these annoying little pests that are eating their flowers, plants, and garden yields. Call the professionals at Cal Termite so that they can help you with the pest problem that you may be having at your Camarillo home.

Pest Control for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, both the common and tropical variety, are two species that commonly affect Camarillo. As long as they have a food source, they will inhabit both clean and dirty areas. They feed on the blood of humans in the home. Gross! Their bodies are finely tuned to detect moisture, heat, and carbon dioxide that humans give off. They latch onto items like clothing, bedding, and luggage.

Cal Termite and Pest Control, the best pest control company in Ventura County, uses heat and cold to treat these annoying pests. We can heat a space to over 122 degrees Fahrenheit, killing them in the rooms they’ve infested. Freeze treatments are also an effective method because it causes bed bugs to go into a hibernation-like state and can be vacuumed up. Sometimes a piece of furniture or bedding item is easier to throw away if it has become thoroughly compromised.

Call the professionals at Cal Termite as soon as you notice them in your house. Our specialists will walk you through the process without a headache. We know you want them gone as soon as possible.

Flea and Tick Control in Camarillo

Fleas and ticks like to swing a ride on your furry friends that you call part of the family. Treating cats and dogs are the first step for flea and tick pest control. Consider using flea collars, monthly medications, or even baths to take out the infestation on your pets. Cal Termite and Pest Control in Ventura can effectively treat the home and landscape after the pets are tick and flea free.

Household items like the curtains, carpets, stuffed animals, bedding, and similar household items are where they will hide. Make sure to clean all of the carpets and wash all of the linens thoroughly. Fleas and ticks originate from agricultural areas and coastal mountains in Camarillo. Ticks can even present serious health problems like Lyme disease.

Contact Cal Termite and Pest Control if you are experiencing an infestation, the best pest control company in Camarillo. We make sure to provide the right treatments to keep you and your family safe.

Pest Control for Mosquitos

Cal Termite and Pest Control are the experts for mosquito pest control in Camarillo when you have these flying, stinging nuisances descend on your property. These blood-sucking bugs cause many diseases worldwide like malaria and Zika virus.

Female mosquitoes are largely responsible for the irritation. Human and animal blood provide the nutrients their eggs need to hatch. These pests reproduce quickly and are always looking for stagnant water for the next generation to spawn. They deposit their eggs in standing water, even a bottle cap filled with sitting water can be enough. Tarps, gutters, bird baths, toys, tires, and puddles are all places they look for.

We complete a thorough survey of the homeowner’s property in order to find where the mosquitos are living and laying their eggs. Once we identify the source of the infestation, we apply a larvicide to kill the eggs. Don’t let mosquitoes take over your summer barbeque and make life awful.

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We are fully equipped to provide pest control for rodents and spiders as well. Any pest is toast when you call the experts!