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Hi Oxnard, do you need pest control and fast? Your home and garden is your domain; don’t let the animal kingdom annex you and your family’s property in a hostile takeover. Daily annoyances like the traffic on the 101, the crazy co-worker you have to sit next to all day, or other people’s screaming babies all melt away the moment you step through your door. Cal Termite appreciates your zen space, which is why we are prepared to take out the creepy crawlies that threaten to dethrone the sovereignty of your home. Call Cal Termite and Pest Control now or submit a quote request on our site for expert pest control services.

Household pests such as ants, cockroaches, spiders, slugs, snails, and rodents can be much more than a bother – they can threaten your property or even your health. Cal Termite’s pest control services provide assurance when it comes to protecting your home and property now and in the future.

Cal Termite is ahead of the curve when it comes to the most current pest control science and technology and we tailor each and every protection strategy for your home and your unique situation. You can rely on our highly trained Cal Termite and Pest Control specialists to investigate, defend, reinforce, monitor, report, and check in with you to maintain the Cal Termite and Pest Control standard.

The Bugs and Critters that Annoy Oxnard

People from Oxnard put a lot of care into maintaining their homes and tending their gardens. But Oxnard is home to a thriving berry, citrus, and celery agricultural way of life. The abundance of farming in our county also makes a good home for pests and rodents who will try and take over your property when their homes become inhospitable due to heat or heavy rains.

While we don’t have the intensity of pests that other places in the world do (Australia comes to mind), we have many pests that can cause property damage or health issues.

Ant Control Done Right

We know where they live!

Argentine and Carpenter ants may be minuscule, but they can infiltrate your property fairly quickly, becoming the source of chaos in your kitchen or bathrooms. Best practices for ant pest control involve getting deep into the hidden nests in addition to eradicating the surface infestation. Keeping Carpenter and Argentine ants away doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process. Cal Termite and Pest control technicians are fully equipped with the training and knowledge to make sure they stay away for good.

We identify which conditions are inviting the ants into your home, neutralize the problem on the ground, and penetrate the ant nests where they live. Because of our proven pest control techniques, expert know-how, training, and technology, Carpenter and Argentine ants have zero chance against our methods.

Pest Control for Snails and Slugs

Slugs and snails can make your garden look like Swiss cheese. Their thousands of tiny teeth will mince your precious plants, flowers, and vegetables. Cal termite is the best pest control company in Oxnard that will stop the assault before it’s too late.

Moisture is a vital element that snails and slugs need in order to be effective and live underneath stones, planters, logs, and loose leaves. They come out at night or after heavy rains to make your landscape their feast

Cal Termite and Pest Control will neutralize snails and slugs on your property. In the process, we make sure not to harm your flowers and plants when setting up our traps and applying our insecticides to take out snails and slugs.

A good start to controlling these pests are moving wood piles, clearing away the loose leaves, and looking under stones and pots in the garden areas. These are things that homeowners can do on their own to get rid of these pests, or at least mitigate their presence.

Our client’s landscapes are very special and we know they’ve worked hard to maintain them. For some, gardening is a life-long hobby. No one wants to have the things that they have worked hard to have to be destroyed by these critters that are eating garden yields, plants, and flowers. Call the professionals at Cal Termite so that we can treat for the snail and slug problem you may be having at your Oxnard home.

Flea and Tick Control in Oxnard

Fleas and ticks start by targeting your furry household members. Treating your dogs and cats first is vital for effective flea and tick pest control. This might involve using flea collars, monthly medications, or even baths. Cal Termite and Pest Control in Oxnard can then come in and treat the home and landscape afterward.

Stuffed animals, curtains, bedding, carpet, and other household items are where they like to attach themselves. Good at-home treatments take washing all of the linens and vacuuming the carpets thoroughly. Fleas and ticks come in from the hillsides and agricultural sectors found throughout Oxnard. They cling onto your pets and even family members and can carry deadly diseases like Lime disease.

Call Cal Termite and Pest Control now, the best pest control company in Oxnard and Ventura County. We will look at every aspect of the infestation and provide the right treatments to keep you and your family safe.

Pest Control for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can definitely be a nuisance that commonly affects Oxnard. They are unsightly and can make your home feel like the scene of a horror movie. Their food is the blood of humans and they can have a psychologically negative effect. Gross! Bed bugs make items like clothing, bedding, and luggage their homes and they detect carbon dioxide, moisture, and heat given off by humans.

Cal Termite and Pest Control employs heat and cold treatments to kill these unsightly pests. We can heat an enclosed space to over 122 degrees, killing them in the rooms they’ve inhabited. Freeze treatments are a great method as well because it causes bed bugs to go into a hibernation-like state and they can be vacuumed up.

Contact the service professionals at Cal Termite as soon as you suspect they’ve infiltrated your home. Our bed bug control specialists hold your hand through the process. We know you want them out of your life as soon as possible.

Pest Control for Mosquitos

Summertime is the time for barbecues, fireworks, and pool parties with friends and family. There is not much that can ruin these great times except being bitten up by mosquitos. We have all been there at one point or another but it can get to be really bad when your backyard has, what seems to be, an infestation of these blood-sucking nuisances.

Cal Termite and Pest Control are the right professionals to call for pest control in Oxnard when you are having a mosquito takeover. Most people know mosquitos as being those irritating pests that leave behind those itchy bites, but they are so much more than that. There are species of mosquitoes on all 6 continents of the world and they are the most deadly animal on the planet. They are known to carry such diseases as malaria, West Nile virus, Zika virus, and yellow fever. They contract these diseases from the various animals whose blood they suck and then they pass those diseases on.

Female mosquitoes are the ones that are going to cause all the issues for people. They are the culprits that feed on the blood of animals and humans because of their need for nutrients so that they can reproduce. The females reproduce quickly and they are always looking for places to lay their eggs for the next generation. They lay their eggs in and around stagnant water sources, depending on the species is where they will lay their eggs. Stagnant water is the common factor amongst all species. The amount of water that will fill a bottle cap is all the water that many mosquito species will need to lay their eggs. They can find this water in a wide range of places around a person’s property including gutters, kids toys, tarps, tires, puddles, bird baths, and anything that can keep some water in it that they can get to. They will even lay their eggs in water that collects in the hole of a tree or inside certain plants.

Many times people can take the proper step to ward off these types of infestations but when there is already an infestation, they will need the help of a trained professional pest control in Oxnard in order to help them get rid of the problem. Once the problem has been taken care of, they can take the proper steps to make sure that they do not come back to ruin their backyard again.

The professionals at Cal Termite will come in and they are going to do an overview of the property so that they can identify the areas in which the mosquitos are congregating and laying their eggs. Once we identify the source, we apply a larvicide to kill the eggs. We make sure that there are no other sources of stagnant water. We fill in the homeowner on all the places that can be hotspots for mosquitos so that they can be vigilant about these areas of the property. We arm the homeowner with the information that they need so that those backyard barbecues go off without a hitch.

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